Welcome to Legacy Barber Academy!

We are here to help you live your dream and become the next Professional Barber.


Why Become a BARBER?


According to U.S Dept. of Labor there will need to be a 10% increase in Barbers to keep up with population growth.


According to Indeed.com the average Barber in Virginia earns about $48,000/yr. However, there is no limit on how much you can make. It depends on you.


Barbers enjoy being paid for creative and rewarding work while working flexible hours that may or may not exceed the typical 40-hour workweek.

Why Attend Barber School at Legacy Barber Academy?

LBA offers benefits that other barber schools in the area cannot guarantee. At LBA you will receive the mandated 1100 hours for the Barber Course and 1500 hours for the Master Barber Course along with performances.

However, along with the mandatory training that you receive to pass your Virginia State Board Licensing Exam you will also receive information and tips that will help you to survive and thrive in an actual Barbershop environment.

Additionally, Legacy Barber Academy guarantees job placement to students whose skill and work ethic have solidified them a place behind their own barber chair.

"Make Your Dream Your Reality"

Business Hours

  • Monday - Tuesday

    09:00 am – 07:00pm

  • Wednesday

    12:00pm – 07:00pm

  • Thursday

    12:00am – 07:00pm

  • Friday - Saturday

    Appointments only

  • Sunday



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